Unique. Forever.

Each Lightobject is unique in itself.

Influences from Italian, Germanic and Scandinavian glass art inspired Peter Kuchler III. for the creation of light objects. Elaborate glassblowing techniques, physically demanding hand movements and limitless inspiration help P3 create unique works of art. The different color combinations and shapes give each light object an individual look and its own soul.

Photo by isaac . on Unsplash

The integrated light and the resulting interplay of light and colored glass gives the objects a kind of liveliness that is rarely found in this context. Already in the Middle Ages, in the course of the Gothic, people recognized the immense effect of luminous glass.

Photo by Sharosh Rajasekher on Unsplash

The light often stands for the original source of being a synonym of the divine and a fundamental element of all visible things, which in their existence of “radiation” are reminiscent of the divine light. The insubstantial material creates a vitality that radiates from within, which is in direct connection with the Gothic and the great cathedrals of that time, formative light metaphysics. The peculiarities of the art of glassblowing paired with the modern illustration of medieval ideas give the works a uniqueness that has never been seen before.