P3 Glassart

Unique. Forever.


The integrated light and the resulting interplay of light and colored glass give the objects a kind of liveliness that is otherwise rarely found in this context.


Peter Kuchler III has specialized in Lightobjects after years of research. Through the glow of light, his works unfold in the fullest effect and thus acquire an effect of liveliness.

ewig. einzigartig.

Light is bright, generates heat and brings people to knowledge. It is a symbol of the divine and makes the light objects shine colorfully. This led to the colored division into the elements of fire, water, air and earth, which in turn let create special moods.

Empire of Glass

P3 Glassart is a proud part of the already more than 50-year-old, glass family business of the Kuchler family. In addition to Europe’s largest glass mosaic facade and Austria’s largest glass museum, visitors from all over the world can explore much more about glass.